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Craniosacral Massage Reiki & Access Bars

My name is Adrian Chaves, I am a professional and intuitive craniosacral therapist, bodyworker and Reiki Master with 12 years experience. I am trained at Esalen Institute in California and also in Australia. After graduating with a law degree and working in the humanitarian field with the United Nations (UNICEF), I decided I wanted to more directly impact human wellbeing through holistic health and integrative medicine. I founded Innatus Therapy with a vision to fortify my clients through physical and energetic therapy.

In my practice, I concentrate on the principle of restoring your innate state of flow through the intelligent use of bodywork and energy therapy.

I am certified by the NSW School of Massage, Sydney, Australia (2009) and by Esalen Institute in California, US (2016). My nurturing style of bodywork has been described as slow and rhythmic deep tissue with pressure points and a blend of subtle yet powerful modality of Reiki.


See what clients are saying:

"I felt an incredible shift in my being. I left feeling more aligned in both my body and spirit. The cranial sacral work helped me move some energy blocks I’ve carried for a long time."

Karina Poliva


"Great massage! Adrian sorted out my hamstring and allowed me to compete in the London Marathon. 
Much appreciated"

Fraser Thompson


"He provides the chance for me to let go of many emotional and psychological burdens and to feel a greater expansion and peace within my body."

Tracie Shannon 


"My arms feel longer, my shoulders feel lower and pain free and my spirit feels nourished. He has a gift for massage and for people."

Robyn Cooper's 

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Union St - San Francisco

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Marin County - San Rafael

For last minute call or mobile session please text

Regenerative Healing Arts

By Juan Gatti

Therapeutic Massage

A comprehensive treatment designed to assess and treat occupational, sport, and other pain or injury conditions. It is ideal for those who have an active lifestyle that requires some extra self-care.

Energy Medicine

A specific and ancient method of energy work designed to dissipate imbalances for potentially deeper issues that may be causing some of pains and or emotional stress. 


"Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy"



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