Innatus is a Latin word that means innate. Our body is an organic system, yet today we are living in a society that is taking the human out of being. Our emotional and physical bodies are over stimulated with the constant inharmonious strains of modern life. This leads to pain, stress and a general feeling of disconnection.

By Sidney Erthal

In my practice, I concentrate on the principle of restoring your innate state of flow through the intelligent use of bodywork and energy therapy.

"The sequence of massages we’ve been doing is advancing a process of profound awakening and integration that feels incredible. Adrian is a professional, gifted and dedicated massage therapist."


Tracie Houlihan, yoga teacher.  

By John Reeves

I began my studies in anatomy, massage in 2009 while living abroad in Sydney, Australia. I lived at Esalen, California for a month-long intensive in 2016, where I received my second Reiki attunement and explored the energetics of human body. I witnessed the great and loving power of energy healing and how it utilizes infinite dimensions to connect to cosmic consciousness or source energy.